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US News Frozen Human Cells Heal Sick Livers
December 4, 1999, p.5
International News 69% of Britons Want Freeze on GM Animal to Human Transplants
December 2, 1999
International News Editorial
November 16, 1999, British Medical Journal
International News Epidemic Fears Over Animal Transplants
October 31, 1999, The Observer [UK]
International News New Strain of [Swine] Flu in Hong Kong
October 27, 1999, New Scientist
International News Animal Transplant Patients May be Banned From Having Children
October 25, 1999, Independent News
US News Baboon Liver Passes Virus to Man
September 30, 1999, Reuters
International News Baboon Virus Passed to Transplant Patient
September 30, 1999, BBC News
US News Vice President Gore Launches New Efforts To Increase Organ Donation Nationwide
September 24, 1999
International News Swiss Lower House Eases Restriction on Animal-Human Transplants
September 21, 1999
International News Xenotransplantation and the Council of Europe
September 1999
International News British Advocacy Group Stages "Ring-a-Roses" in Xenotransplantation Protest
July 24, 1999
International News Undercover Investigation Reveals UK Animal Breeding Company Keeping "Humanized" Pigs
July 5, 1999
US News CRT Responds to FDA Guidelines on "Public Health Issues Posed by the Use of Nonhuman Primate Xenografts,"
July 2, 1999
International News World Health Organization Electronic Discussion Group on International Xenotransplant Policy Considerations
International News International Archive Website on Xenotransplantation Issues

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