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International News Animal organs a risk: Study, Unfit for Humans
December 27, 2000
US News Pig-to-man Blood Transfusion May Be Just the Start
December 18, 2000
US News Too Soon for Animal-Human Heart Transplants
December 14, 2000
International News Straw Vetoes Inquiry into Horrific Primate Suffering
High Court Hearing Will Put Home Office on Trial
December 12, 2000
US News AMA to consider ethics of xenotransplantation
December 11, 2000
International News

Urgent Action! Demand an Independent Judicial Inquiry Now!. Court Hearing Date Set. Candlelight Vigil Outside Imutran (UK)
October 31, 2000

International News Animal Welfare Group Uncovers 'Cruel' Trade in Endangered Baboons
October 31, 2000
International News Shocking Exposé of the Cruel Trade in African Baboons for Research
October 31, 2000
International News Cloning Teams Cross Pig and Human DNA
October 8, 2000
International News Update from Uncaged Campaigns
October 2, 2000
International News Science Panel urges caution over animal-to-human transplants
September 24, 2000
International News Cloning Your Bacon?
August 17, 2000
International News Pig cloners play down human health fears
August 14, 2000
International News Dolly's creators to end pig cloning project
August 14, 2000
International News UK Gene Scientists to End Pig Transplant Research
August 14, 2000
International News First pig organ transplants set to get approval
August 6, 2000
International News Cancer Peril of Animal Organ Transplants
July 23, 2000
International News Sarawak culls 5,593 pigs
July 18, 2000
International News Nipah (Pig) Virus Resurfaces in Malaysia
June 17, 2000
US News New U.S. xeno guidelines published
May 26, 2000
International News Novartis Patent on Human Organs
May 19, 2000
International News Man Dies of Pig Disease
May 2, 2000
US News Zoonoses on the increase around the world
May 2, 2000
US News Pig cell therapy put on hold due to adverse side-effects
April 29, 2000
International News 10,000 pigs killed in transplant labs
February 9, 2000
US News CRT's Comments to the US Food and Drug Administration on "Precautionary Measures to Reduce the Possible Risk of Transmission of Zoonoses by Blood and Blood Products from Xenotransplantation Product Recipients and Their Close Contacts,"
January 24, 2000
US News Anti-Xenotransplantation Coalition Releases Report: ‘FDA’s Proposed Blood Policy Could Lead to New AIDS’
January 24, 2000

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