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Xenotransplantation News - 2002

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International News Medical Research Primarily Controlled by Private Industry
December 18, 2002
International News

French Doctors See Transplant Success (free login required)
December 8, 2002

International News

High Rate of Clone Failures
November 15, 2002

International News

Cloned Animals Dying at AgResearch
November 14, 2002

US News Psst! Sell Your Kidney?
November 12, 2002
US News PLEASE VOTE AGAINST XENO - CNN Online Poll (poll now closed)
October 22, 2002
International News

What Makes Emerging Viruses Emerge?
September 30, 2002

US News Pig Farmers Found to Carry Swine Flu Virus
September 13, 2002
US News Judge orders FDA to justify withholding documents on xenotransplantation
September 6, 2002
US News CRT Press Release: FDA Failed to Justify Withholding Xenotransplantation Information From Public, Court Rules
September 4, 2002
US News Panel Identifies Gene-Altered Animals' Risk
August 21, 2002
US News Pig Livers to the Rescue?: Vexing questions at the frontiers of science
August 20, 2002
US News Policy change could ease organ shortage
August 15, 2002
International News

Breakthrough by NUS scientists: safe stem cells
August 5, 2002

International News

Hope for Kidney Patients
July 25, 2002

International News Experts back animal to human transplants
July 9, 2002
International News Pump Extends Lives, and Raises Questions
July 2, 2002
International News Letters to The Lancet
June 29, 2002
US News CRT Files Major Legal Briefs: Reply to FDA, Reply to Intervenors
May 8, 2002
US News CRT Blood Guidance Comments
May 3, 2002
International News

Cooks PM defers pig-cell research
March 28, 2002

International News

Simian Virus 40, Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Link
March 8, 2002

International News

Tainted animal feed risk downplayed by federal officials
February 19, 2002

International News

Canadian Transgenic Pigs End Up As Chicken Feed
February 19, 2002

International News

Hong Kong bird flu spreads
February 17, 2002

US News FDA Issues Draft Guidance for Public Comment - Precautionary Measures to Reduce the Possible Risk of Transmission of Zoonoses by Blood and Blood Products from Xenotransplantation Product Recipients and Their Intimate Contacts
February 11, 2002
US News Fourth meeting of the Secretary's Advisory Committee on Xenotransplantation
February 11, 2002
US News

Fourth meeting of the Secretary's Advisory Committee on Xenotransplantation
February 9, 2002

US News

Drug-Resistant Bacteria in Pigs Spread to People
February 9, 2002

US News Xenotransplantation Critics File Motion in Federal Court: Group Says FDA is Withholding Documents on Side-Effects and Deaths
January 16, 2002
US News

Affidavit of Alix Fano, CRT Director (PDF format)
January 15, 2002

International News

Waiting For a Miracle: Time is Running Out for Organ Transplants From Animals
January 12, 2002

International News

Canadians Say 'NO' to Xeno
January 4, 2002

International News

Campaigners Slam Cloned Pig Organ Hype
January 4, 2002

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