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The Campaign for Responsible Transplantation (CRT), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was launched on January 20, 1998 out of concern over the irresponsible rush to commercialize animal-to-human organ, cell and tissue transplantation (xenotransplantation) using genetically modified pigs, and nonhuman primates. CRT believes that xenotransplantation poses a grave danger to human health because of the risk of transferring deadly animal viruses to the human population. Xenotransplantation would burden our society with numerous health, environmental, economic, ethical, and legal problems, and would cause tremendous human and nonhuman suffering. There are safer and more cost-effective ways to resolve the alleged shortage of human organs for transplantation that are not being adequately explored. CRT is, therefore, seeking a total ban on xenotransplantation. CRT's international coalition includes more than 90 public interest groups, representing millions of people concerned about the misuse of genetic engineering technology. CRT is supported by eminent physicians, scientists, veterinarians, scholars, lawyers and concerned laypersons. Membership is open to all and participation is encouraged.

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